Relationships among Phenotypic Traits of Giant African Land Snails in Western region of Nigeria

O. M. Etukudo, E. E. Ekerette, A. J. Umoyen

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Safety and Functional Aspects of Selected Probiotic Lactobacilli Strains from Water of Cassava’s Fermentation

Marius Edith Kouam Foko, François Ngoufack Zambou, Pierre Marie Kaktcham, Wang Rui Yanb, Zhu Taichengc, Yin Lic

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The Use of Plant Dyes for Microbial Staining and Identification: An Eco-friendly and Non-Toxic Alternative Method

S. M. Adeyemo, A. J. Akinloye, G. B. Adekanmi

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Distribution of Some Heavy Metals in the Tissues of Arm, Thigh, Kidney and Liver after Continuous Feeding of Rabbits with Diet Contaminated with Crude Oil

J. M. Omoyakhi, O. Edo-Taiwo, J. I. Aleke, T. J. John

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Techniques for the Enrichment of Micronutrients in Crops through Biofortification: A Review

Noor-ul-Huda ., Ambash Riaz, Ali Abbas, Shahid Raza

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